Founder member of the India Sanitation Coalition launched in June 2015, and currently its Coordinator. Also Director of Grassroots Trading Network for Women, a not for-profit company, linking poor producers, to markets. Models developed include: agricultural partnerships between SEWA (an internationally acclaimed NGO with 2 million women members) and ITC (BAT's subsidiary), commodities partnerships between SEWA and HUL (Unilever's subsidiary), handicrafts partnerships between SEWA and Fabindia and Westside (leading retail chains), providing livelihoods by outsourcing low tech industrial accessories to communities outside rural factories. As Managing Trustee of Digital Partners focused on bridging the digital divide and assisting rural entrepreneurs. Prior to 16 years in the Social Sector, have 28 years of marketing and general management experience with leading Indian corporates. Graduated from St Stephen's College in 1971, and have served on the Harvard Business School Dean's Advisory Board. Interests include Wildlife, sports and gardening.