Rita Roy Choudhury has over 20 years professional experience. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Economics from Miranda House College, University of Delhi, and her Masters degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. She joined FICCI in Nov 1995 and in 2000 became the youngest team leader, heading the Environment Division. She carved out climate change in 2002 as a separate domain within FICCI, in 2010 assumed additional charge of renewable energy, and was handed additional charge of water mission in 2015. In the environment space, she has deepened FICCI's focus in the areas of environmental regulatory and policy interface between government and industry, and built specific work streams on waste management, clean technology, sustainability, and biodiversity. Rita has brought climate change and carbon market into FICCI's mainstream focus and contribution to Indian industry. Under her charge, FICCI launched significant initiatives in the climate change and carbon market space, bringing climate change policy dialogue, awareness and outreach at the centre stage of industry engagement. India Carbon Market Conclave, the one and only platform in India was launched under her initiative and has become the largest annual event in India for the carbon market. FICCI has also engaged in ongoing analysis of the Indian CDM project pipeline and brings out an analysis every year. The FICCI Climate Change Task Force constituted in 2007 spearheaded by Rita engages in ongoing policy deliberations and feedback to the government and brings out a Climate Change Task Force report to highlight key issues from Indian industry's perspectives on climate change, the carbon market and expectations from the UNFCCC Conference of Parties every year. She also steers the work of the UK India Business Leaders Climate Group, a special initiative launched to bring business action and engagement into devising low carbon pro-growth solutions to combating climate change. Rita is also in-charge of the FICCI Environment Committee. In 2011, she expanded FICCI's scope to corporate sustainability and launched an annual platform on corporate sustainability in 2012 called the India Sustainability Conclave. In 2012, she also initiated FICCI'™s foray into the biodiversity space, launching the FICCI Pledge on Business in Biodiversity ahead of CBD COP-11 in Hyderabad. To engage extensively in this space, she started the Biodiversity Subgroup in FICCI in 2013. In 2013, she also launched the India International Cleantech Summit to expand FICCI's environment spectrum and creating a special focus on the Cleantech space to facilitate a Cleantech ecosystem in the country. In 2013, the FICCI Wind Energy Task Force and Bio-Energy Task Force were added to her portfolio to expand FICCI's engagement in the renewable energy space. She led the work with UNEP Inquiry on the Design of a Sustainable Financial System in India, a unique project focusing on the role of the financial sector in sustainable development. Rita was given charge of the India Sanitation Coalition from its inception in 2015 and led the effort from the secretariat in the setting up, launch, and operationalisation of the Coalition.