Corporate Engagement

Today, there are many corporates involved in various capacities in WASH, and specifically, the sanitation sector. When thinking of the role of corporate engagement in the sanitation space, it can base this on the value additions they can both bring and acquire, including: last mile connectivity in terms of advocacy, skill development and capacity building; ecosystem building including provision of products and services; natural progression of their own businesses and aligning that with CSR; and ensuring the shift towards ‘sustainable’ models for sanitation. 

The role that corporates can play include:  

  • Business interest: Business objectives including provision of products and services combined with social development (FMCG companies)
  • Stakeholder interest:  Companies engaged in the community supply chain
  • Companies with CSR interest: Social development that may involve advocacy, skill development and capacity building (manufacturing companies; public sector companies; banking and financial services; IT companies)
  • Catalyzers: Competencies that can spur cross-cutting impact at scale (media, technology companies)
  • Volunteering: Creating a company culture of caring beyond business focus, driving loyalty and satisfaction amongst employees.   

ISC Engagement with Corporates

There are diverse and exciting opportunities for corporates to engage, including:  

  • Matchmaking between corporates (as financial partners) and technical partners (implementing partners), thematically and geographically.
  • Corporate Roundtables to provide for structured interaction with potential development partners.  
  • Corporate Toolkit for Engagement in Sanitation Sector.
  • Government Interface through central and state ministries including MDWS, MoUD, State Government of Rajasthan.
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogues with corporates and financial institutions on issues like Priority Sector Lending.
  • Reports and Surveys mapping corporate trends in Sanitation sector.  
  • Visibility and outreach for corporate best practices.    
  • Access to entrepreneurs working on profitable distributed sanitation models  

The benefits that derive from this engagement are immense, including: 

  • Sanitation Sector Intelligence through knowledge management and access to information
  • Access to complementary skill sets
  • Access to experts/government/corporate sector
  • Inform work of the corporate to the Government  
  • Visibility
  • Outreach  
  • Ability to impact policy and practice 

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