Financing Sanitation Initiative

Aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission, sanitation has moved into the limelight. With this unprecedented political push, and with the RBI’s cooperation, the sanitation crisis in India has an opportunity like never before.

Leveraging the Strength of ISC

ISC is not an implementing body; its strength lies in generating ideas, facilitating partnerships and collaborations, encouraging dialogue amongst different stakeholders, and being a learning platform for successful models that can be scaled up.  Using this strength, the way forward for ISC’s Priority Sector Lending initiatives is detailed below:

1.      Conduct regional workshops to sensitize MFIs/attract MFIs to sanitation and to bring relevant stakeholders in sanitation together. This would also involve a capacity building of the opportunities.

Through these workshops, ISC would enable MFI’s accessibility to ISC partner organizations that were prominent players in sanitation financing (FINISH, PSI, Dalberg,, etc.). 

Alignment is important for any partnership to be successful. The criteria that would need to match would be (a) the MFI’s geographical expansion plan, as well as their current and projected spend in water and sanitation; (b) ISC partner organization’s defined parameters for a MFI, possibly based on size and geography. 

If the criteria for both parties aligned, ISC would facilitate the partnership through mentorship. Moving ahead, the ISC partner organization and the MFI would decide the geographies/models/pilots to be used. ISC could provide its inputs based on its observations and case studies. 


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