Developed by RB India in partnership with Butterfly Fields and XSEED this curriculum has key elements like Hygiene in school, home, neighbourhood, personal hygiene and hygiene during illness For many of us reading this, the thought of not being able to use a toilet when the need arises is not something that we can fathom. At a time when many national and international media report on the atrocities committed against women in India, the stories of women’s leadership in development remains an oft-ignored story.

About Us

About Us

Collectively striving for a sanitary environment.

India Sanitation Coalition was launched on June 25, 2015 at FICCI, New Delhi and continues to be supported by FICCI.

ISC provides a unique platform of partnerships for its members to come together to share, learn, collaborate, partner and also provide thought leadership. India Sanitation Coalition in its two years of existence has established itself as a credible platform of partnership working towards a common goal of achieving sustainable sanitation for India.

ISC as a platform has successfully brought together the government, private sector, NGOs, multi & bilateral, foundations, trusts, civil society and citizens at large to create synergies to work towards the entire sanitation value chain.

The idea is to view sanitation through the BUMT (Build, Use, Maintain Treat) lens so that the entire sanitation lifecycle is addressed. This is about, moving away from merely the provision of toilets but bringing attention to use of constructed toilets, their maintenance and the treatment of the waste.

We at ISC aim to create a strong marketplace where sanitation players can meet and collaborate, and also encourage sanitation entrepreneurship. In this process we aim to strengthen each part of the sanitation value chain. Our Goal is to make sanitation sustainable beyond 2019 through a multi- stakeholder approach, under the guidance of a Steering Committee as an Advisory body role and with help of four Task Forces.

Our Mission

To be an aggregator of knowledge and networks with nationwide outreach, focusing on models for achieving sustainable sanitation in alignment with the Swachh Bharat Mission and its goals

Our Vision

To enable and to support an ecosystem for sustainable sanitation

Our Approach

To bring organizations and individuals together to find sustainable solutions for sanitation through a platform for Corporates, Civil Society Groups, Government, Financial Institutions, Media, Donors, Bi lateral and Multilateral organizations, experts etc

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