Developed by RB India in partnership with Butterfly Fields and XSEED this curriculum has key elements like Hygiene in school, home, neighbourhood, personal hygiene and hygiene during illness For many of us reading this, the thought of not being able to use a toilet when the need arises is not something that we can fathom. At a time when many national and international media report on the atrocities committed against women in India, the stories of women’s leadership in development remains an oft-ignored story.


ISC serves as a platform to connect funders and implementers. It explores partnership opportunities by facilitating connections between multiple organizations based on project/program requirements or organizations needs. ISC provides various stakeholders opportunities to collaborate and work in a more effective manner.

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Development Partners play a pivotal role in the sector, supporting government through demonstration


The sanitation movement in India is unique as the clarion call for urgent action on sanitation


Platform to use CSR money with outcome based projects & to collaborate with other partners to multiply work

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