The ISC-FICCI Sanitation Awards were first hosted in April, 2017 and is first of its kind in the field of sanitation in India, especially in addressing the multi stakeholder engagement for sustainable sanitation; across the whole value chain of sustainable sanitation, in terms of Build-Use-Maintain-Treat (BUMT). With an overwhelming response in its first year, ISC-FICCI will be hosting the awards in April 2018 as an annual event. Through these Awards, the India Sanitation Coalition seeks to advance its mandate to share knowledge and expertise, showcase forward-thinking best practices and promote partnerships across the sector in order to achieve a sustainable sanitation ecosystem. Today, ISC works with multiple stakeholders including corporates, civil society groups, government, financial institutions, media, donors, bilateral, multilaterals, experts, etc. FICCI serves as the project coordination and secretariat of the ISC.

  • Names of the applicants, questionnaire submitted and scoring information will be kept confidential and will be the property of the India Sanitation Coalition.
  • Information contained can be used for dissemination with consent from the organisation giving due credit. India Sanitation Coalition will not be responsible for the authenticity of the information supplied by the applying organisation.
  • Organisations can apply for more than one category. Kindly provide separate applications for each category.
  • Incomplete entries will not be taken into consideration for evaluation.
  • Please submit the completed final questionnaire in soft copy (Word doc. only) by 15th February, 2018. Complete entries should be submitted to – iscficciaward2018@gmail.com
  • Please mention the: Name of the Category & Name of Organisation in the subject line
  • If you wish to support your application with documents (reports, publications, etc.) kindly attach the files in the same email as your application. Please ensure that the email size should not exceed 10MB else the system will reject the mail.
  • Winners of the 2017 awards are not eligible to apply this year.
  • Only shortlisted organisations will be contacted.
  • Shortlisted organisations will be asked to make a presentation to the jury at New Delhi in March 2018.
  • Awards will be held on 26th April, 2018 at FICCI. ISC will get in touch with the winners once the jury has made its final decisions.
  • In case we require more details, we will directly get in touch with your organisation.

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Contact Person

Shipra Saxena ( Project Leader ) : Shipra.saxena@ficci.com

Medhavi Sharma ( Program Manager ) : Medhavi.sharma@ficci.com

Tarini Mathur ( Program Manager ) : Tarini.mathur@ficci.com

Tel no. 011- 23487270